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How to Delete Devices From Eero

How to Delete Devices From Eero – When discussing network devices, Eero doesn’t require any introduction. This is because the company has created a vast and dependable selection of routers to satisfy users’ networking requirements. However, in order to acquire internet access, it is frequently connected to several devices.

We are providing the procedure to delete some devices, though, if the eero is overcrowded.

How To Delete Devices From Eero?

The linked devices, network usage, as well as network configuration are known to affect how well Eero devices perform on networks. Users as a result benefit from incredible network coverage, higher speeds, and a very dependable internet connection.

In fact, they make use of the TrueMesh technology, which uses dynamic routing and real-time data to prevent internet connectivity problems. However, let’s look at the procedures you can use to remove the devices from the eero if there are too many linked. For example;

To remove eeros from your existing network:

  • Start the eero app.
  • Click the eero you want to get rid of.
  • Click on  Advanced
  • Click on Remove “name” eero
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Remove from Network.

To add eeros into your current network:

  • Start the eero app.
  • At the top right, click the blue + sign.
  • Select “Add an eero Device”
  • Choose the type of eero you want to add.
  • To finish the installation, go to the setup instructions.

Other Things to Try

There are other methods you can try to speed up the connection if you have already removed the devices from your eero network but the issue persists. These methods include-

Change Device Name

You should try changing the names of your gadgets first. To accomplish this, turn off the eero router and search for all the gadgets that have gone offline since the internet was cut off. Rename those devices, then re-plug the eero device into the power supply. You can thus be certain of which devices to join to the eero network.

Change Your Password

Altering the password is another option you have for limiting access to the eero. You must access the eero router’s settings in order to change the internet password. After changing the password, you can directly connect your devices to the Eero by using a new password, which prevents any unauthorized devices from connecting.

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Contact eero customer service if you’re still having trouble.

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