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How to Create a Popular News App like Inshorts?

Build a news app as popular as Inshorts. Once upon a time, we used to wake up, sip tea, and read a newspaper. Those old days are gone; today, it’s all about the golden age of digital.

Old doesn’t always mean valuable, especially when it comes to saving paper and being eco-friendly. While older adults still prefer newspapers, smartphone users don’t even look at them. They just scroll through their favorite news apps.

In this era of Gen Z and technology, news apps seem more relevant than traditional newspapers. It won’t be long before everyone relies on mobile apps to stay updated instead of newspapers. Print media might not even exist in the future. There are countless news apps in the App Store and Play Store, and one of the trendiest is InShorts.

What is Inshorts?

Inshorts is a Delhi-based news app that gathers news from various sources, both national and international. It shares info in brief, usually under 50-60 words, in both Hindi and English. The content is short, engaging, and covers everything from Bollywood to TV and current events, all presented in a neat package.

Want to make an app like Inshorts? Here’s a simple guide!

Coming up with Ideas & What You Need:

First, decide if you want a news aggregator or a news app portal. Aggregators cover a broad range of global events, favored for quick and essential info. Focus on quality content for user attention—make it engaging and entertaining. Build a solution that promotes easy reading, is efficient, and keeps users informed about daily global events.

Making Money with Your App:

Consider a popular method for earning—ads. But be careful, too many can annoy users and make them delete your app. If people like your app, think about hosting events like debates on social issues to promote it.

Get a Developer Team:

Pick a skilled team for the best news app. You need Business Analysts, Project Managers, UI/UX designers, Android and iOS developers, and Quality Analyst experts on board.

Building the App:

  1. List Requirements:
    • Note down what you need, features and all.
  2. Make a Prototype:
    • Create a basic model using wireframes.
  3. Design the App:
    • Focus on how it looks and feels.
  4. Write Simple Code:
    • Keep the programming straightforward and easy to grasp.

For an Awesome App Like Inshorts:

Admin Panel:

  1. Login:
    • Log in as an admin or publisher using the provided credentials.
  2. Push Notifications:
    • Stay engaged with users by sending exciting updates or offers.
  3. Add Content:
    • Keep users informed with quality content in various formats—text, images, audio, video.
  4. Offline Access:
    • Ensure users can still read news even without an internet connection.
  5. Categories:
    • Organize news into diverse categories like Tech, Health, Movies, and more for a better user experience.

User Panel:

  1. Register:
    • Sign up using Email, Social Networks, Contact Number, etc., for easy access.
  2. Search News:
    • Find news by entering keywords with a new search feature.
  3. Use Filters:
    • Sort news with filters for categories like politics, international, business, and more.
  4. News Feed:
    • See the latest headlines and personalized news as soon as you log in.
  5. Mark Favorites:
    • Save your favorite articles to read later.
  6. Social Media Sharing:
    • Share news easily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a simple tap.

Factors Affecting InShorts App Development Cost:

  1. Number of Platforms:
    • Costs vary based on the platform—Android or iOS. Android may cost slightly more due to extensive testing on various smartphones.
  2. App Features:
    • Your app cost depends on features, from basic ones like user profiles to advanced features like push notifications.
  3. UI/UX Design:
    • The design of your app significantly impacts costs. Consideration for the app’s look and feel is crucial in determining expenses.

Why Choose Inshorts?

Inshorts is a top news app with over 4 million downloads on Google Play Store, making over $10 million in revenue. Its success is thanks to simple features:

  1. News in 60 Words:
    • Quick updates on business, tech, politics, sports, and more in just 60 words.
  2. Multiple Categories:
    • Covers various topics for diverse interests.
  3. Offline Access:
    • Read news even without an internet connection.
  4. Share Stories:
    • Easily share interesting stories with others.
  5. Personalized Feed:
    • Tailors news to your preferences.
  6. Local Language:
    • Provides news in your preferred language.

Inshorts, the go-to app for quick, varied, and personalized news!


Inshorts: Your Quick News Companion!

Inshorts is the perfect news app for busy users who want to stay informed without reading lengthy articles. It offers concise news from around the world, ensuring an exceptional user experience. If you’re thinking of creating a similar app, there’s ample market potential.

At Krify, our experts excel in crafting robust mobile and online applications. With hands-on experience in developing news apps like Inshorts, we’re the ideal choice for your news app development needs in India.

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