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How to Combine Videos on iPhone in 2022

How to Combine Videos on iPhone- Have you used your iPhone to record two or even more videos that you’d want How to Combine Videos on iPhone? If so, you may edit and combine your videos with the help of the free iMovie program. This is the process.

  • Using Apple’s free iMovie programme, you may merge films on your iPhone into a single video clip.
  • On your iPhone, you may use iMovie to combine various videos, apply transitions to the file, and export the finished product as a video.
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How to Combine Multiple Videos on an iPhone

  1. Open the iMovie app and select “Continue” if the Welcome to iMovie screen appears.
  2. Select “Create Project.” 
  3. Select “Movie” from the New Project screen.
  4. iMovie launches in your recent photographs and videos section of your photo stream. In the top left corner, click “Media.”
  5. Select “Video” and then click the desired video folder from the Video screen. You may view all of the videos on your iPhone by selecting “All.”
  6. Click the video you wish to merge with another. Click the checkbox in the pop-up. The video is now a part of your project.
  7. Tap the option once more to include any more videos you wish to integrate in your creation.
  8. After adding all of the desired video clips, select “Create Movie” at the bottom of the screen.
  9. You may preview the film and add transitions between the video pieces on the My Movie screen (to do that, scroll the video to the left or right until you find a cut point, and tap the transition icon to choose the transition style).
  10. When done, select “Done” in the top left corner of the screen.
  11. Select where you want to distribute the finished movie by tapping the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.

How do I combine multiple videos into one?

Ways to Combine Videos

  • Files that you upload. Upload your chosen video files (and/or images and/or audio files) to the editor.
  • Merge. Put the files in the proper sequence on the video timeline. The endpoints of any files may be trimmed with our cutter/splitter.
  • Export!

How to combine videos on the iPhone for nothing—quick and simple app

Step 1: Get the Clipchamp app. In the App Store, type “Clipchamp.”
Step 2: Start a new project. To begin your first project, click the + sign.
Step 3: Choose video files from your iPhone’s gallery.
Step 4: Merge and integrate your video.
Step 5: Download and share.

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