All final UFO locations in GTA Online’s 2022 Halloween event

The UFO event 2022 has arrived, and this time around, you may earn rewards in GTA Online.

UFO locations in GTA- In GTA Online’s 2022 Halloween festivities, the UFO Sightseeing event’s last phase is now in progress. Naturally, some players may need help locating these enigmatic alien planes. This segment of the 2022 Halloween event will continue for three days and there are 14 spawns to be aware of.

The last day to participate will be October 31, 2022. Before doing so, it’s necessary to keep the following in mind:

  • Between 7:30 PM and 6:30 AM, these UFOs can begin to appear.
  • If you approach them too closely, you might be kidnapped.
  • If you’ve previously taken pictures of all the earlier spacecraft, taking pictures of each alien vessel will provide you with the Glow Believe Cap.

The next part contains the map that shows every place.

Where to find the final UFO locations in GTA Online (2022 Halloween event)

The locations of all the UFOs in the last phase of the 2022 Halloween event are shown on this map by the white flying saucer symbols. The bottom half of the map has all 14 places, thus players don’t need to bother looking on the northern side to find any of them.

These flying saucers will spawn much sooner than those in the earlier phases of the event’s 2022 incarnation since Halloween weather is presently active. These new UFOs will be accessible between 7:30 PM and 6:30 AM, in contrast to those aeroplanes, which proliferated between 10:00 PM and 4:00 AM.

This gives you plenty of time to locate, photograph, and maybe even be abducted by these extraterrestrial spacecraft.

UFO Boxer Shorts

On October 29, 2022, the last phase of the 2022 Halloween event began, and since then, GTA Online users have had access to new attire. It’s important to note that taking photographs of every prior flying saucer is not necessary in order to earn this item.

Simply go toward the spaceship’s core from the ground floor. Your character will eventually seem uneasy and extend his arms to the sky before beaming them aloft.

After that, there will be a small transition, and the following message should appear in the top-left corner of your screen:

You’ve unlocked and added the UFO Boxer Shorts to your wardrobe.

The end of the 2022 Halloween event

In related news, the last episode of this season will be released the following week. In addition to the aforementioned Sightseeing activity, users of GTA Online can:

  • Amass Jack-O-Lanterns (10 will give them the Horror Pumpkin Mask, and all 200 will award them the Horror Pumpkin Tee)
  • Sanctus, Lurcher, and Franken Stange should be purchased before they run out.
  • Take part in a variety of Halloween jobs
  • Prevent the Cerberus
  • Handle the slasher (which can even be your clone)
  • To become an animal, use peyote plants.
  • Take amusing pictures of GTA Online places while the weather is spooky.
  • Get free apparel and masks.

In GTA Online, there is no shortage of things to do, but there isn’t much time left for the Halloween-themed activities. A player will have to wait till the next year for another opportunity if they lose out on this items.

What Is The GTA Online UFO Event in 2022?

The Halloween event in GTA Online includes the UFO event. You must record this event on camera to prove that UFOs are present in the city.
UFOs have shown up in Los Santos around this time in previous years, but there has never been a reward for this. That has changed now. You will receive $15,000 and 1,000 RP if you use your Snapomatic camera to capture a UFO.

You will receive a “Believe” hat if you successfully capture images of each of the game’s 25 UFOs. If you were genuinely taken by aliens on the final day, you’ll return wearing UFO boxers.

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