Marvel’s Midnight Suns contains “65,000 lines of voice dialogue”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns by Firaxis has “about 65,000 lines of voice dialogue.”

There will be a lot of cut-scenes and conversations as you build relationships with your teammates, the development team for the upcoming tactical role-playing game Firaxis confirmed in a “special message from Firaxis” uploaded to YouTube.

Lead engineer Will Miller commented in the interview, “Gosh, more branching options than you could imagine. I guess we ended up with somewhere around 65,000 lines of voiced dialogue, almost 2 hours of cinematics”.

You can see the entire interview up there to get to know some of the people that are making the game come to life. It contains further information about the design, combat, and cinematics and is intriguing to learn how the development team views the game despite its briefness.

Regarding his initial impressions of the game, Donlan commented, “Reader: so far I am liking this.” “The details are fresh and lovely, but the flow is classic XCOM. It has the same energy and vibrancy of a Marvel comic and is just as intricate and linked as the best Firaxis has to offer. I’m eager to play some more.”

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be available on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One beginning on December 2.

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