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How to Monetize Pinterest Account

If you want to monetize Pinterest then you will find many ways here to monetize Pinterest to earn money on Pinterest.

Pinterest can be an useful platform for monetization, regardless of whether you are a content creator, run an eCommerce company, or want to increase traffic to your blog.

If you don’t know how to monetize Pinterest, then here you will be explained step by step how to monetize Pinterest.

How to Monetize Pinterest Account

  1. Open a business Pinterest account.
  2. Claim the website for your company.
  3. Establish Product Rich Pins.
  4. Make Your Pins Search-Friendly.
  5. Find sponsorships.
  6. On your website, make pins for a lead magnet.
  7. Get traffic to Visit Your Affiliate Offers.

Open a business Pinterest account.

Make a business account first, that is what you must do. If you don’t yet have a personal account on Pinterest, you can start one from scratch, and if you have, you can change it to a business account.

Both of these are possible here.

This is important for several reasons:

• Using a personal Pinterest account for commercial reasons is restricted by the platform’s terms of service.

• If you have a Pinterest business account, you can view important information like your most popular pins.

• If you have a business account, you can use features that earn revenue, such as rich pins and advertising. Later on in this piece, more about these.

Claim the website for your company

You should also claim website if you want Pinterest to provide you access to your website analytics and if you want a link to your website in your profile (which you do).

Here, you can claim your website.

This only requires adding a small amount of code to your website.

Although it may sound complicated, even non-techies may understand that.

Make Your Pins Search-Friendly

Use your keywords in the pin description, please.

Making sure people can actually FIND your pins is a key component of making money on Pinterest. Additionally, you must use some fundamental SEO techniques if you want them to appear in Google and Pinterest’s native Search.
Add your keywords in your pin descriptions if you want to offer your pins the best chance of being found in search results.

For instance, I might write something like, “My pin is of a red women’s clothing.”

Your board titles, hashtags, the product page or blog post you are linking to are additional locations to employ your keywords.

Establish Product Rich Pins

You should absolutely build up product-rich pins if you sell actual goods on your website. The most recent price and availability of your products are displayed in these rich pins, which are linked to your product pages.

The best thing about producing product rich pins is that all you have to do is register for rich pins as well as set it up ONCE, and all of your previous and upcoming product pins will be transformed into rich pins without your further action.

Find sponsorships

There are likely businesses that will pay you for sponsored campaigns if you’ve amassed a sizable Pinterest following in a specific niche.

You may be asked to pin sponsored photos to your account, link to the sponsor’s site from pins, or write product reviews for them on your blog as part of these campaigns.

There are numerous ways to make this work.

Just make sure you can honestly endorse and support any things you’re promoting to avoid jeopardizing the image you’ve worked so hard to establish.

On your website, make pins for a lead magnet

Make a fantastic freebie that you can promote on your website. This free item, often known as a lead magnet, ought to:

• Be directly relevant to your paid product(s): For instance, if you sell a paid workshop on how hairdressers can utilise social media to attract new clients, your freebie might be a pdf that guides them through the process of creating their social media accounts.

• Address just one area of discomfort. Your lead magnet should only handle one issue or problem.

• Is operational. Your lead magnet is a chance to demonstrate to others how you can support their success! So ensure that it focuses on a specific issue and aids in its resolution.

• Look nice! Your freebie will likely receive more downloads if it looks good.

Get traffic to Visit Your Affiliate Offers

In addition to allowing you to make money, Pinterest is fantastic for growing your email list and driving visitors to your website or blog.

There are Various Method to monetize Pinterest Account-

Some of them are mentioned Below-

  1. Make pins to advertise your affiliate partnerships.
  2. Drive traffic to your eCommerce products.
  3. Subscribing to the Pinterest Creator Fund
  4. To reach new people, use Pinterest Ads.
  5. Share shoppable pins for your products that can be bought.
  6. Drive traffic to your blog
  7. Manage other companies Pinterest accounts

Make pins to advertise your affiliate partnerships

This way for those person who have Strong connections between users and their affiliate partners.

A common strategy used by marketers and business owners trying to earn passive money is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you are eligible to get paid every time if someone uses your unique link to buy a service or product.

Consider making pins that connect straight to your affiliate links, to blog posts or YouTube videos that contain your affiliate links if you want to make the most of Pinterest for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

By posting your affiliate links on Pinterest, you make them accessible to anyone looking for that same product, increasing your chances of getting paid if they buy a product.

Here are some tips to follow while creating Pinterest affiliate sales:

  1. Indicate the presence of affiliate links.
  2. Share only direct links.
  3. Make sure your pins are optimized for affiliate product-related keywords.

Drive traffic to your eCommerce products

This way is best for ecommerce business.

Pinning your product pages directly to Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to increase sales if you sell goods online. When connected with the terms your interested buyers are using to search, making pins that are directly linked to your online store can produce significant traffic.

Assure you’ve activated Rich Pins, which sync the most current information from site into any pins made from it, before you start posting your products on Pinterest.

You don’t have to concern about constantly updating old pins because Product Rich Pins can pull the most recent price, inventory, as well as product information from your website.

Only a small amount of code must be added to your website in order to use Rich Pins. Rich Pin requests from new websites are often approved in less than 24 hours.

Subscribing to the Pinterest Creator Fund

This way is best for those who are creators and want to grow as well as monetize Pinterest account.

Participants get access to special brand partnerships, tools, as well as tools from Pinterest team to assist them expand their reach through these cohorts, which open on a quarterly basis.

To reach new people, use Pinterest Ads

This way for those person who sell online physical and digital products.

Consider advertising Pinterest ads if you own an online business to promote your products in front of potential customers.

Although Pinterest advertising like regular pins, they can be placed where your client is most likely to see them, such as in search results as well as the main feed.

Ensure you have a business account before you begin running ads on Pinterest. Create a campaign as well as ad group in the Ads Manager once your company account has been set up.

You can choose to promote already-existing pins or make new ones. Here is how the business Daily Harvest uses paid Pinterest ads to attract new clients.

Share shoppable pins for your affiliate products

This way is best for those person who have Online market and eCommerce business.

This is good way to increase sales by sharing shoppable pins to sell online product.

Enabling Product Pins on your account is one way to increase conversion from Pinterest.

Online sellers can list their products on Pinterest using product pins, allowing users to buy them without ever leaving the site. Start by submitting an application to become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest to create shoppable pins.

Drive traffic to your blog

This way is good for Bloggers and inbound marketers.

You can use Pinterest to increase traffic if you depend on web visitors for advertising money or as part of an inbound marketing plan to increase revenue.

Google keyword ranking can be a difficult and time-consuming process. On the other hand, ranking for keywords on Pinterest might be simpler and result in significant traffic increases.

Here are some suggestions to increase your website traffic using Pinterest:

  1. To find out which terms are popular among Pinterest users, check Pinterest Trends (This is available only for UK, Canada and US).
  2. Make several pins for each blog article with optimized titles, descriptions, and images that correspond to the search terms people are using.
  3. Save your pins to boards with optimized titles and descriptions that include the search terms people are using to find them.
  4. To include the title, summary, and author information from your blog posts in your pins, create article Rich Pins from your website.

Manage other companies Pinterest accounts

This is best for Social Media Manager, Virtual assistants and for others.

If you are capable of running and growing a Pinterest account, think about offering your services to other companies. Despite the advantages of continuing to be active on Pinterest, many busy company owners lack the time to manage their own accounts.

You may create & upload pins to your client’s account, conduct keyword research to find out what their user is searching for, and build a Pinterest plan for their main business purposes (such increasing web traffic or improving conversions of shoppable pins).

It is advantageous to have some knowledge of this subject. To show potential buyers what you’ve done by increasing your own or other companies’ Pinterest accounts, consider making a portfolio.

People May Ask

Can I get paid to use Pinterest?

If you are a member of the Creator Rewards program and your material satisfies the qualifying standards and objective requirements, Pinterest will pay you directly. Other forms of monetization, such as product tagging, affiliate links, and commercial collaborations, are not paid for by Pinterest.

How many followers do you require on Pinterest to make money?

How many followers are required for Pinterest income? You can make money on Pinterest without having a million followers. In fact, using the previously described methods, anyone who uses affiliate links in their pins or sells things on their own website can earn money online.

Can I earn money by pinning on Pinterest?

You won’t get paid by Pinterest directly for using the site to pin. However, you can get money by helping a company owner maintain their Pinterest account, which may require you to do some pinning yourself.

Can I post on Pinterest without a website?

Even if you don’t have a blog or website, you may still try to make money on Pinterest by just pasting your affiliate links into the URL box that you have for each pin.

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